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This was one of my more interesting sales that I’ve had in a while. The reason being the customer and I had a good amount of time to talk about some of the decisions she’s made in purchasing cars in the past and how it affected her credit.

The business of selling cars for Kiplin is more about educating the consumer, helping people to get on the road, empowerment, change, upward mobility, and all the things that make for a better quality of life.

I really enjoyed our conversation and the detail in which we exchanged ideas made my day all that much more worth it.

When she walked in the door she hadn’t been on of our Facebook page, or she hadn’t come because of refferal, she was a simple drive-by.

Luckily she had not been to any other dealerships we were the first one she decided to venture into and I’m glad she did.

After listening to her story and being able to analyze her credit situation I shared with her some of my thoughts.

Don’t be surprised if I get deep on you when you walk in to the dealership.

I explained to her that she was looking to drive a car but in order for that to happen someone needed to view her as an investment opportunity.

In order to analyze her thoroughly as an investment opportunity they needed to look back at how previous investors have profited with her and unfortunately due to things beyond her control some of those previous investors lost money.

Now she was looking to be an investment again and she had to justify why someone should invest with her again. When I was done explaining to her how she needs to see herself as an investment it changed her entire view of her credit file and her past mistakes.

She was getting an opportunity again to be a good investment. To become a prime investment. Without drawing this post out too long, what we decided to do was go with the 24 month term one in which she could drive the car for a year and a half or a little over a year and a half and then be able to trade the vehicle back in and have a loan paid off with a lender which would help her investment opportunities open up. This would help more lenders to look at her as a better investment, interest rate should be better and eventually she could work her way back into becoming a prime investment.

Prime usually means every investor wants you.

Most of you think when you’re buying a used car for sale in Charlotte NC that you’re just getting the car and that’s what you’re here for. I need to drive some day but what you don’t realize is somebody is making a decision to invest in YOU someone is putting their money on YOU to succeed and when you fail they lose money.

Fail enough times and no one wants to invest in you anymore.

That was one of the deepest conversation i have had In a long time, I wish somebody was recording me yesterday.

I will do a video on this I’m sure, but in the meantime if your looking for a deal who likes cars but loves people you can start by filling out the application here.


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