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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words….

If I were to be honest I would have to tell you that even though this is the second car she’s buying from us she was tempted to buy a vehicle somewhere else before she came home.

I’m always amazed how people switch dealers so quickly.

Sometimes you think you are doing your best and we are offering the ultimate in customer service only to realize that you are failing to give people the experience of a lifetime.

At kiplin we want you to have the experience of a lifetime.

We want you to always come back home.

We want you to not even think about going anywhere else to purchase your vehicle. This is why we offer complementary oil changes, complementary yearly inspections, complementary diagnostics, and a Fully equipped and accessible service center when your car needs maintenance.

Most importantly every single customer of ours has direct contact with the general manager of the company.

Funny enough many of the used car dealerships in Charlotte NC once you buy a car from them they never wanna hear from you again because you bought the car AS IS and they were afraid if something happens you’re gonna come back to them and raise holy hell.

Ultimately we welcome a long-term relationship with you.

In this scenario this young lady purchased a vehicle from us BEFORE and we gave her an awesome deal and someone ran into her car and it was a total loss. Her gap covered the cost of the car and she was out of the car owing nothing.

She had an opportunity to buy another vehicle and she came back to Kiplin. Of course the first time around she didn’t tell me that she had five children plus her and her boo. This time she happened to slip up and tell me that after trying to get into a sedan. I immediately put her off one day and told her come back tomorrow and I would put her in the third row SUV which I did.

At Kiplin Auto we like cars but we love and our customers and we always do what’s best for them first.

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