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Total Loss Of A Vehicle | Used Cars Charlotte N.C | Kiplin Auto

When You Total Loss Your Vehicle

Last year this customer came to us and she needed a cash car. We happened to have a Toyota Camry, believe it or not it had close to 200,000 miles on it but it drove like a dream.

After test driving the car she decided that she liked it and she drove off with the car.

As you know we don’t normally like to sell cars with high miles but when it comes to Toyotas Nissans Hondas depending on the car, We will purchase Cash Cars that are clean and running well.

Well in the end we had not heard from her for a little while and usually that’s a good sign.

Last week she walked in to the used car dealership in Charlotte NC and said that she had an accident and the car was totaled out. She explain to us how much she loved that car and how she was so sad that she lost it.

It always warms my heart to hear people say how much they love their car even a car with so many miles could bring value to her and her family.

I can also appreciate the fact that she trusted us which is our number one goal at the end of the day.

You have to trust your dealer. Just as much as you trust your doctor or your dentist you need to trust your dealer.

So after some due diligence we realize we had a Lexus with 150,000 miles and as you know A Lexus is really just a Toyota with an L on it.

I knew that this Lexus would give her the same longevity that the Camry did and it was made by the same manufacturer. So I spoke to her about it only to find out that Christmas had got the best of her and the money she had saved to buy a cash car she no longer had.

Instead of giving up what we did was went to one of our lenders that we know will finance cars even under $5000 and we were able to get her back on the road.

This is a very short term loan one that she’ll be able to pay off quickly and build her credit. Nothing makes us happier than helping people.

We hope that 2019 will be your year for joining our family. You can start by filling out the application.


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